Value propositions in B2B marketing

Written by Helen Selby

A value proposition is the promise of the value that you bring to the market. Do B2B companies really need one if they're speaking directly to businesses? 

The short answer is: yes. B2B companies absolutely need value propositions, and putting one together is definitely worth the time. Read on to find out why.

Teamwork makes the value proposition work

The value proposition creation process is a telling one. You’d be surprised at the different angles teams come from when asked, ‘what sets us apart?’ This is because each team in a business has a different set of experiences to tap into when it comes to dealing with customers, and a different view on the benefits you bring to the market. 

This means there are so many vital internal conversations to be had. We’re not talking about the standard Tuesday afternoon lunch-envy chat (very much a thing at Blackad Towers), but properly-planned workshops held with as many of your teams as possible. Getting involvement from the senior folk alone won’t cut it, as your value proposition needs input from everyone in the company.

You’ll learn a whole heap of things about the real selling points of your brand before you’ve even got a value proposition down on paper. That’s marketing, baby.

A value proposition beefs up your brand

Aside from all the enlightening things you’ll learn about your brand in the value proposition workshops, there’s plenty more to gain from having a value proposition.

A strong value proposition will help you build brand authority, and gain customer loyalty. It gives you a nice, meaty foundation to communicate from, and offers customers a way to connect with you. This means that, over time, your brand will be the first to enter people’s heads when they think of your core service. 

Businesspeople are people too

Properly-made value propositions resonate with people. Yes, even businesspeople. No matter how hard they might pretend otherwise, business folk don’t switch off their emotions during working hours. Just like customers buying books, holidays or food; they have interests, pain points and needs – all of which come into play when making a purchase decision. 

So, work out what drives them, and serve that need. Your findings will be the building blocks of your value proposition. Don’t feel like you can’t be creative either – who says you can’t spark a little joy in the world of business? 2020 is making its own rules. You can too.

It’s your offer’s time to shine

YOUR BUSINESS IS AWESOME, SO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT. YES, WE’RE SHOUTING. When was the last time you shouted your business offer from the rooftops and showed off just how well your service benefits your customers? If your brand communication has gone a little stale, creating a value proposition gives you all the tools you need to breathe some life back into it.

Having a value proposition is a strategy move, ultimately. You’re not changing what you do as a business. You’re just reminding yourself and your teams why your brand is exceptional. Then, you’re whipping all that magic up into a neat summation that everyone in the business can communicate with ease. 

We’re telling you, business to business, it works.

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