Is your COVID-19 messaging essential?

Written by Rachel McCallion

Amazon isn’t perfect - but it’s been getting a lot of things right during lockdown. That is, apart from its brand language.

This week their communications might have been aiming to put people at ease, but when has a 'message from the Big Boss' email ever made anyone feel better about anything?



Word rich, comms poor

The only thing that Amazon needs to communicate to its audience is contactless delivery, stock shortages or slightly longer shipping times. And it’s already doing this really well on the site, so is there any point in sending a long email repeating the same information?

It strikes as a little tone-deaf. Unless there’s an announcement along the lines of delivery drivers carrying out their duties in hazmat suits, Amazon shouldn’t be hitting ‘send to all’ on anything.

If you don’t have anything new to say...

The news media does the job of updating people on essential services – like visiting the dentist during COVID-19. In turn, those services often have social media accounts to get important messages to stakeholders. 

The good news is that Amazon’s service changes slot beautifully into the customer experience. So really, the Big Boss doesn’t need to say anything at all.



Brands with some explaining to do

Gyms or theatres can’t suddenly close without explanation, even in a pandemic. It’s a service you pay for and it’s being disrupted – so people need to be told what will happen with their tickets or monthly payments. 

From the local pharmacy sticking to ‘one customer at a time’, or the supermarket only taking card payments, they understandably need to keep customers informed. These are the kinds of updates that customers need to see.

For Amazon though, it supports customers with a simple checkout, reliable service and a reassuring brown box on the doorstep. These actions will speak far louder than any email the company sends.

Next steps in brand messaging

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