Do you need a digital copywriter? Or a digital copywriting course?

Written by Helen Selby

So you need digital content. But how much, for how long, and how often? More importantly, do you and your team have the time and skills to create it?

We'll help you decide if you need a copywriting course for your staff, or if you should bring in dedicated pros who already understand the ins and outs of digital content. 

Reasons to work with a content agency

You probably want to outsource your content if:

You’re not a writer

You don’t normally write copy, but you need to produce engaging content. This could be a single web page, social copy, a video script or a whole website. If you and your team don’t have experience in writing words that resonate, you’re better off briefing a copywriter than plunging in on your own.

You don’t enjoy writing

You could take part in all the writing training courses in the world but if the idea of writing doesn’t appeal to you, it’s not going to work. The same goes for those on your team. Hire someone who loves the art of putting copy together, and your readers will love you for it.

You’re short on staff who have the time to write

Asking busy staff from non-content oriented roles to whip up blog articles isn’t good for you, them, or your blog. Plus, it could affect their ability to perform their role’s key responsibilities. Hiring a pro means having a steady stream of content from a focused, dedicated copywriter.

You need copy, fast

Content agencies and freelancers can often work to short deadlines, without compromising on quality. Don’t be tempted to whip up the words yourself if writing isn’t something you can do confidently. 

You need content that will perform

Want more traffic to your site? Or a higher conversion rate? Experienced digital copywriters know their SEO from their ROI, and can create content that will engage, inspire and climb up the SERPs.

Reasons to train your team on a copywriting course

Upping your in-house skills is a great thing. It could be the right choice for you if:

Your team wants to up-skill

If your team has the time but not the skills, training them up could be the way to go. From sessions on basic writing to fully-fledged content strategy, writing courses can take in-house content from basic to industry-leading. And give eager teams a whole lot of job satisfaction. 

Your copy isn’t consistent

Having a solid brand message matters. So does having a consistent tone of voice. Whether for your intranet or a customer-facing site, it’s important that each piece of content is at one with the next. This is simple to manage, when you know how.

You can write, but not for the web

From seasoned journalists to former creative writing majors, we’ve met a lot of in-house teams packed with writing talent. But writing for the web is a whole different ball game. There are huge differences between the way audiences read print and online content. A digital copywriting course teaches all this and more, with plenty of practical SEO advice to boot.

What next?

We deliver copywriting training courses for everyone from content newbies to creative directors. We can also help you hire your own copywriter, or create content for you.

Next steps in content training

Looking to upskill your current team? We offer copywriting training designed completely around your team, your audiences and your words. From scratch, every time.