Socially-distanced marketing: get creative with your brand values

Written by Rachel McCallion

Good brand values are for life, not lip service. You should be able to apply them to everything you do. That includes how you adapt your brand message to social distancing rules.

Burger King’s ‘social distancing crowns’ are a case in point – they neatly bring the rules into BK’s brand universe. And it’s not just the big guys showing us that health restrictions don’t have to throw a two-metre ruler in your brand identity. 

For once, the language isn’t really the point. It’s more about showing what’s possible with a small budget and a bit of integrity.

Check out these creative, yet entirely compliant, solutions.

Mediamatic Eten - People in glass houses 

This waterfront vegan restaurant in Amsterdam has built mini greenhouses around each table.




At a plant-based restaurant.

It couldn’t be more on-brand if it tried. Plus, it’s totally Instagrammable, so we’d guess the restaurant’s brand awareness is enjoying a period of strong organic growth. Much like its tomatoes.

Zoom Espresso - Social Beans

Meanwhile, over in New Zealand, a coffee shop called Zoom Espresso has made a DIY tweak to its coffee service.



They’re all about serving the community. No messing about. So it’s no surprise they’re desperate to get back to it. Their new coffee-distributing contraption is straightforward but awesome, just like their coffee service.

Coconut Beach Club - Dancing on my own 

TakuTuka, at Coconut Beach Club has a history of hosting top DJs in an atmosphere that lets everyone relax and have fun.

It’s going to be a while before we’re pushing our way back into sweaty crowds, pint in hand. But TakuTuka are already back to doing what they do best. The theme: socially distant. While revellers danced in their marked out spots, Gerd Janson played tunes that reminded everyone how to let loose.



Izu Shaboten Zoo - Very furry dinner guests 

How do you reduce your cafe capacity? If you’re Izu Shaboten Zoo, you fill most of the seats with cuddly capybaras. This seems like a random move until you discover that the zoo was the first in the world to introduce its capybaras to hot baths. It’s their thing. And now you – and thousands of others – know about it. Social distancing and brand awareness, done. 



Authenticity breeds loyalty

These businesses have all adapted in a way that’s authentic to their core brand. And it’s paying off. When this is all over, we bet they’ll have stronger brand loyalty than ever.

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