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UX, Copywriting, Recruitment

Do copywriters dream of electric competitors?

Fear of technology stealing jobs has been a constant since the first industrial revolution. But...

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UX, Brand Language, Copywriting, Process

Spoilt for voice: our pick of the best branded Alexa skills

Amazon’s Alexa skills store is awash with trivia and flash briefings. But some have taken a more...

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UX, Accessibility, Process

How to write for screen readers: accessibility content tips

We’re often asked to follow accessibility guidelines when we work for public sector and...

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How to write friendly URLs

A friendly URL is a web address that’s easy to read and includes words that describe the content...

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UX, Copywriting

Why you should A/B test your copy

Could a bolder headline reduce your bounce rate? Would a more functional call to action boost...

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Why website 'Coming Soon' pages are a bad idea for SEO

You despise your website. The content is outdated, the colours are all wrong, and you’re worried...

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